Gregg Cooper, Chairman & CEO of Cooper Natural Resources, Inc. recently helped us make a promotional video. Our goal at the time was to create a video to expand public awareness of the role of BIDC.

The campaign was a resounding success. The people of Brownfield and Terry County have been wonderful in showing their support for the mission of BIDC. However, this is not THAT video.

Gregg Cooper in His Own Words

This video came about when we decided to just have a candid, casual conversation with Gregg prior to filming the planned promo video. Although that video is great for the public, we think that Gregg Cooper, in his own words better expresses why corporate planners should consider Brownfield.

In seeking someone who could help the public understand the importance of industrial development in Terry County, Gregg Cooper, one of the largest employers in the region, described why he chose Brownfield. He also explains why Brownfield would be a good fit for many other businesses. 

Without being too much of a spoiler, Mr. Cooper points out a few of the key elements which help him operate well including suitable infrastructure and the quality of personnel. 

Key Advantages of Brownfield/BIDC

Brownfield is conveniently located along a key railroad spur into Lubbock, Texas. Lubbock is the Hub of the South Plains of Texas. With the rail spur and carefully constructed connections spaced through Terry County, a key industrial requirement is well met.

Complimenting the rail is an excellent highway system, with a north-south route four-lane through the city of Brownfield.

In addition, the Terry County Airport is owned and maintained by Terry County. The airport has two runways, the longest being 5,218 ft…suitable for many light to mid-size jets. The facility is at an elevation of 3,263 feet and is approximately 5 miles east of Brownfield. Airport services include:

  • Fuel – 100LL Jet-A
  • fuel self service 24 hrs
  • parking: hangers and tie-downs
  • public use automobile
  • aircraft maintenance
  • passenger lounge with restrooms, snacks, and comfortable seating

The airport is open to the public 24 hours a day; there is no control tower. 


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