2016-2017 Programs of Work


To promote the development and expansion of new business


Business Attraction

BIDCorp will work to create a business climate that fosters economic wealth for the community through business attraction and expansion. 


BIDCorp will encourage business and industry to locate in Brownfield for the purpose of creating new jobs and increasing the tax base.

BIDCorp will continue to develop industrial park #1 into a planned development district of wineries and vineyards.

BIDCorp will develop more rail infrastructure in Industrial Park #2 to attract companies needing rail service.

BIDCorp will attempt to recruit businesses needing office space to move into our available offices spaces in and around the downtown area.

BIDCorp will continue to recruit agriculture related manufacturing and value added businesses to Brownfield.

BIDCorp will begin investigating sites for a third industrial park.

BIDC will develop a retail recruiting program to attract retail businesses.

Action Steps

Develop Prospect Leads.

Develop marketing campaigns to promote Our Industrial Parks.

Maintain effective working relationships with developers, brokers, corporate real estate and site location consultants, and other resources for bringing business prospects to the City.

Develop Incentive Programs to recruit new businesses.

Business Retention and Expansion

BIDCorp will work to retain and expand existing businesses.


BIDCorp will work with local industries and be ready to help with expansion and new job creation.

BIDCorp will maintain a strong relationship with the railroad management and keep abreast of changes that might benefit our present shippers.

BIDCorp will keep abreast of all changes and trends in the economy for our area of the state.

BIDCorp will continue its close relationship with the management of the two correctional facilities and the departments of the state that control their operation.

BIDC will make trips to at least two of our local company’s headquarters to ensure a positive relationship between them and Brownfield/BIDC.

BIDC will maintain a liaison with the Texas Workforce Commission to keep abreast of all job training programs and current employment statistics.

BIDC will use development incentives to expand or enhance local business.

Action Steps

Conduct a one-on-one company visit. On a regular basis, the Director will make a personal visit to a company executive to discuss their business operations.

Develop an industrial recognition program to replace the Cooper Natural Resources annual event.

Develop Incentive Programs for Existing Business.

Develop a program with the Brownfield Chamber of Commerce to raise awareness of “extended business opportunities for companies to host meetings, retreats, symposiums here in Brownfield. Meeting would feature state and regional business “champions” in the fields of business development.

Hold quarterly luncheons exclusively for management level executives. This program provides business leaders an opportunity for networking and informative discussions.


BIDC will continue to update and monitor all available commercial buildings, commercial tracts and lots in Brownfield and Terry County.

BIDCorp will promote the City of Brownfield and Terry County through the newspaper, television, direct mail, Internet, e-mail, trade shows, and billboards.

Continue to develop alliances with the City Council, County Commissioners, Hospital Board, Water District and School Board with the understanding that the recruitment of possible new business be worked together to everyone’s benefit.

Continue to work with and maintain a solid relationship with our state representative, our state senator, as well as our congressional representatives and senators in order to help them understand the needs of our area and how they can help us.


BIDCorp will establish a Marketing Program for business recruitment and business retention using a variety of marketing tools. These include print advertising, broadcast advertising, web site development, direct mail, and tradeshow efforts.

Action Steps

  1. Develop new marketing materials.

  2. Update and maintain current demographic data for print material and web site.

  3. Develop and maintain building and land inventory for print material and web site.

  4. Organize receptions, luncheons, forums, and roundtable events that bring together local and state economic development groups to discuss and promote economic development.

  5. Maintain relationship with our state representatives, senator, and congressional representatives and senator.